• Apostle Paul

Bust of the Apostle Paul

This bust was created in 2017 and is the best representation I could make of the Apostle Paul based on what is said about him in scripture and some secular history documents.  Paul led a very difficult life.  He was imprisoned multiple times, was beaten severely over and over, and survived a ship wreck.  All of this was done while preaching the gospel and explaining to anyone he could get to listen, that Jesus is the Son of God and came to the earth to save the lost.  This bust shows he had his nose broken more than once, and the deep lines in his face show the suffering he experienced.  His expression is one of compassion and perseverance trying to coexist.  History says he had very little hair.  His age in this rendering would have been just before he was martyred.  Paul’s writings comprise a large percentage of the New Testament.


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