Bust of Earl D Flood ….1990

I did this bust as a present to my father, Earl F. Flood. It was his father who had founded The Flood Company. At the time I was the president of the company and my father had moved on to his position as chairman of the board.
My grandfather loved to model things in clay and was a very good self-taught sculptor. He was also a self-educated man who struggled with adversity and succeeded. There was a portrait of my grandfather but not a sculpture.
My grandfather died in 1976 so I had to do the sculpting using only photographs. When I thought I had the likeness right, I asked my two sisters to look at it for me and to be brutally honest. They both agreed….”that was Pop!”
The original was done in terra cotta (water based clay) and fired. It spent many years in the lobby of The Flood Company.

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