The Cross for Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Ohio

The first time I made a cross was in the year 2000. I was a new Christian and I was attending what is now Christ Community Chapel. I asked the pastor, Jim Colledge why the new church didn’t have a cross in the sanctuary. He had been thinking about what sort of cross might make sense. Together we discussed a large rustic cross. The sanctuary seated just under 1000 people.

The result was a 10’ by 5’ wooden cross. The lumber was actually donated by my friend John Lahoski at Terry lumber in Peninsula, OH. It is made of lodgepole pine. I spent two long days building the cross in my basement studio. I had to assemble it in my kitchen because it would have been too big to get out of the basement. I finished it in the basement of the church. When we hung it the first time, it was an off white color. The pastor called me and asked me if I thought it might be too prominent in contrast to the wood paneling. I agreed, so we took it down and I finished it to a wood tone that slightly contrasted with the surrounding wood. The change of color was definitely the right call. It is on a moveable track that can change as the setting on the platform changes.

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