Bust of Earl F Flood….2004

I did this piece because we were dedicating a research center to the memory of my father. Again, I had to work from memory and photographs. I remember struggling with the likeness of this bust. The last 10 hours I put into it, I only changed the amount of clay it would take to make a large marble. This is another way of saying that it takes a lot of very subtle changes to make the difference between missing the likeness altogether and getting close. As with all the busts I do, I am more concerned with the expression than I am the exact detail. It makes the piece both more interesting and more artistic.

When the Flood Company was sold in 2006 to Akzo Nobel, I kept most of the archival material from the business. The business was started in 1934 but had actually been the continuation of a family business that started in 1841. I made a donation to The Hudson Public Library in return for them naming a conference room in the memory of my family and the family business. They also kept most of our business archives so they could be permanently housed and used for the future. There is a bronze edition of each of these busts in the Flood Family conference room at the Hudson Public Library in Hudson Ohio.

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