Peter Flood earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Denver in 1975. He earned his Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Southern Illinois University in 1977. In 1977 he began working in his family’s manufacturing business becoming its president in 1982. During the 30 years he worked for The Flood Company, he maintained an active sculpture and ceramics studio.

His undergraduate and graduate school work was mostly pieces cast in bronze, iron, and aluminum. In addition to castings, Peter also did a lot of welded pieces, some wood construction and carving, and a few mixed media pieces. Most of the work while in school was abstract and varied in size from small table top pieces to pieces with dimensions over 10 feet.

Beginning in the early 90’s, Peter started working mostly with the human figure. Two pieces from this time have sold several editions, “Mademoiselle” from 1991 and “Amish” from 1993. Both of these busts were from Peter’s imagination and were not intended to replicate a particular person. “Mademoiselle” was intended to catch the essence of a young Parisian woman. “Amish” was intended to reflect the character of a seasoned, kind, and devout Amish man. Several other pieces from this time period were cast in bronze and sold as one of a kind sculptures. Peter also created many busts of family members including his father and grandfather, both of which are on permanent display in the Hudson Public Library. In 1998, Peter was commissioned by the Hudson Bicentennial committee to create a bust of the town’s founder, David Hudson. The only reference which was available to work from was a primitive style painting. This bust is also in the Hudson Public Library and is on the outside of a time capsule which will be opened sometime in the distant future.

After becoming a Christian in 1999, Peter’s attention turned more to Christian themes. He created a 10’ cross for Hudson Community Chapel in 2000. He also created a full figure piece of John the Baptist which can be seen near the offices of Christ Community Chapel ( formerly Hudson Community Chapel). In 2000, Peter was invited to hold a one man show at the Moos Gallery in Hudson as part of a bicentennial series. This was a 25 year retrospective show for Peter.

In 2009 after moving to the Newport Rhode Island area, Peter created a 7’ cross for Cross Point Church in Newport. An edition of “John the Baptist” can also be seen there.

In 2012 Peter was asked to create a cross for the Chapel in North canton Ohio. This piece was completed in December and now hangs in that church.

Most of Peter’s work is in private collections. He is not currently represented by any galleries. During his entire career, he has also made hundreds of pieces of pottery. When shown publicly, the pottery usually will sell out in a matter of hours. He currently works in his studio in Jamestown, RI.


BFA Denver University 1975

Paid position as tool room technician 1975

MFA Southern Illinois University 1977

Full scholarship teaching assistant position 1975 – 1977

Flood Company 1977 – 2006

President/CEO 1982 – 2002

Chairman/CEO 2002-2006

National Paint and Coatings Association

Board of Directors 1993-2006

Executive Committee 2004-2006

Architectural Coatings Committtee Chairman 1999-2001

Membership Committee Chairman 1992 – 1995

Industry Statesman Award 2006

George Baugh Heckle Award (the most prestigious award give by this association) 1994

Cross Point Church, Newport, RI

Managing leader 2012 to present

Worship team member 2008 to present

Jamestown Art Center

Board of Directors 2012 to present

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